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FIFA Marc willmots hope to get gunuzhayi

SINA sports news from the daily mail news, currently at Manchester United [Twitter] [Twitter] 18 year old genius of validity of gunuzhayi are ready to choose a future for England [Twitter] team.instant fifa coins But, the home media also said, if British foot total can for gunuzhayi modify foreign players representative England entries of series strictly provides, so gunuzhayi joined England team a thing will will more smooth in United, gunuzhayi was media called is new small Bell, with recently in United of excellent performance, 18 age of he not only by has European each big Giants Club of Pro Lai, on even each support team also wants recruited he team. Not long ago, the daily mail and other media reports said Belgium coach Marc willmots hope to get gunuzhayi, but the player himself said he did not intend to provide Belgium effect. In addition to Belgium, but England also would very much like to get gunuzhayi however, FA for foreign players to play for England there are very strict rules, only players under resided in England for 5 years, he may have played for England. Gunuzhayi 16, who has been living in England, has been living in England for 2 years, he needs to stay in England 3Years, is qualified to play for England in the future recently, from the daily mail's exclusive news, according to gunuzhayi and one of their close family sources, gunuzhayi is now ready to choose to play for England in the future. Originally, the gunuzhayi want to be able to play for Kosovo, Kosovo in the FIFA is not recognized, so gunuzhayi is now the most realistic choice is to play for England. The media also said that if the FA can provide gunuzhayi to modify the provisions of foreign players played for England, then gunuzhayi naturalized in England things will go more smoothly. At present, manager Roy Hodgson of England and the FA Chairman DaimlerChrysler has indicated that if at all possible, they would attempt to modify the rules for gunuzhayi and as soon as possible to help him apply for United Kingdom passport in addition to dealing with outside gunuzhayi matter of naturalisation, FA has to deal with the boss Roy Hodgson of England arrested for "racial discrimination" in trouble. From the daily mail of London reported that England 2-0WINS Poland's key World Cup qualifier campaign, Hodgson is halftime in the locker room, I asked right back simalinduo pass to Townsend, in the process, his popular flying wing for England Townsend opened a "monkey" joke, and the move is thought to have "racial discrimination" as a suspect. Currently, British foot total also has confirmed Hodgson in locker room does has this a "joke" of behavior, they also is disappointed Hodgson of words and deeds was finds for is "racial discrimination" or is "innuendo" attack players of behavior in England local time this Wednesday late, Hodgson in accept interview Shi also talked about has this a problem, "if I in half rest Shi of behavior is on some people of offended, that I will to they apologized of. To be honest, I really didn't mean to say anything disrespectful comments. In the locker room when I have sought clarification from the Townsend, was Wednesday and I said to him once again. He turned to me and the FA to ensure that he had not been violated, in the dressing room and he understands my way of working. "In fact, this is not Roy Hodgson's first involvement in" racial discrimination "in trouble in June 2012, he was not called up for Rio Ferdinand [Twitter] was investigated by the Agency against racial discrimination.