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FIFA President Sepp Blatter said in Seoul on June 15

PC fifa coins Against Uruguay in the semifinals, and Wesley Sneijder in front of smell again revealed no margin, and also luck. Race to 70 minute, the score or 1:1, Sneijder edge right foot volley ball suspected hit team-mate Robin van Persie's inner thigh, labeled column flew into the goal. But judging from the slow, Van Persie offside, he was stretching movement of the Uruguay keeper muslera, logically speaking, the ball should be annulled, but the referee deemed effective have Sneijder, Netherlands team is really yours.

Seoul sports, Reuters (by Leng Tong Yang Ming), FIFA President Sepp Blatter said in Seoul on June 15, first phase World Cup match with the team's performance at the World Cup on the big stage, the gap between the top teams and the team no longer exists, should not take a traditional view to look at the World Cup and the forces nouvelles "(the World Cup) there are no moreBuy Cheap FIFA 15 Coins At! weak team! Hot teams and win the team who recognized gap between the forces nouvelles and the World Cup does not exist any more. This is the result of 25 years of FIFA to implement development plans. "Blatter in evaluating the first phase of the World Cup game with the team's performance, said Blatter also spoke highly of the two host teams performances, to Korea and Japan both congratulated the group winners.