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President Silva believes Ronaldo was awarded the honor was well-deserved

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President Silva believes Ronaldo was awarded the honor was well-deserved, his role reflected in various aspects. "Ronaldo deserves this honor, he gave the entire Portugal brought tremendous impact. He is a hard working, disciplined and principled man of resolve and seek to win hearts, these qualities make him a unique player in the world.

Morning News (reporters song) yesterday, the Xinhua News Agency broke News: "about the Chinese Football Association and former national soccer team coach Jose Antonio Camacho's ' sky-high contract disputes, most recently from FIFA came vaguely revealed disturbing color of message. An inside source told reporters FIFA, also approved the two sides submitted material, but the situation is detrimental to the Chinese Football Association; as usual, FIFA verdict will take care of coach parties. But the Chinese Football Association and the entire legal team confidence for the final results to the Football Association.